Our dream took root during a trip to the US. That’s where we first tasted a nut butter that was different from all those we had grown accustomed to. The only hitch? The ingredient list wasn’t as immaculate as we would have hoped for, in part due to various food stabilizers.


The following year, we relocated to Chicago in the Logan Square neighbourhood. That’s where our desire to create a selection of nut butters that would be different from those currently on the market really took shape. We carried out the first culinary tests in our apartment kitchen and imagined how we could have a positive impact on people’s dietary habits. Our ambitions did not stop there, because in addition to great taste, we wanted our nut butters to be as respectful as possible of the environment.

We were convinced it was possible to create natural versions that would be more delicious than anything already available. To achieve this, we studied tastes and textures down to the smallest details, because that’s precisely what was deterring us about the natural nut butters that were available.


Today, we’re happy to offer a number of healthy and delicious options that can be savoured at any time of the day!


Vanessa & Rémi – Founders