Revisit the classics

We think of nutrition the same way we feel about life. There are moments that lend themselves to comforting classics and others when new and avant-garde flavours are in the limelight. We like to think of ourselves as belonging to the latter category. We don’t offer conventional flavours, because many industry players already do so on a large scale. We prefer to specialize in creating distinctive flavours that add a touch of poetry and passion to everyday moments.

Honest ingredients

In our opinion, honest ingredients are those that provide better traceability, a guarantee that producers are fairly compensated for their work and an assurance that production processes are environmentally sound. While sourcing is not without its share of challenges, we like to think of each new ingredient used in our products as an opportunity to reassess our current supply. It’s an ongoing process.

Promote the versatility of nuts

The use of nut butters largely remains the exclusive domain of the morning meal. And yet, they make for great toppings, sauces or appetizers in much the same way as hummus or cheese. The flavours we currently carry aim to promote the versatility of nuts and prove that they can be used at any time of day.

Play a part in healthy eating

Playing a part in healthy eating is to make foods that are good for us more appealing. We believe it’s possible to make natural food products delicious without resorting to any additives. For that very reason, all of our products are made from ingredients whose names you can actually pronounce. Nothing wrong with adding a little sugar or salt to make a product tastier; it just needs to be done sparingly. Our nut butters are halfway between the all-natural, single-ingredient versions and the ultra-processed variety with lots of additives. It’s both flavourful and good for your health.

Respect the environment

There are so many variables to take into consideration when it comes to the environment (transport, resources involved in production, packaging, etc.). We’re surely not perfect, but we remain committed to constantly reviewing our processes and staying on top of the latest environmental breakthroughs. To find out more about the concrete actions we’ve taken for the environment, check out our FAQ page.

Small-batch production

Our products are made in small batches, as we believe it’s the best way to maximize their freshness. Small-batch products also allow us to be more flexible and nimble when it comes to developing original and slightly daring flavours.